Shipping with Prepaid Labels

Do you have a prepaid label? We are a DHL Authorized Service Point, FedEx Authorized Shipping Center, UPS Authorized Shipping Outlet and USPS Authorized Retailer.  

We can NOT accept UPS QR codes from Amazon, only a UPS Franchise location can process those.


If you have a prepaid label, in most cases we can accept the package from you. However, we are prohibited from accepting items that may be considered dangerous, hazardous or infectious.


We accept Prepaid UPS packages when returning an online purchase or if you are just shipping on someone's account.  We also accept Prepaid FedEx shipments and packages for returns and regular shipments. We accept DHL international prepaid packages, but since these are all only DHL international shipments you must ensure that you have the customs paperwork included, either as an electronic document or paper copy of the required documents. Each of these carriers signs for the packages they take, so we can prove you have returned your product. You just need to retain the receipt that the team member gives you. USPS does not sign for prepaid package, the only thing we can offer is that we give it to the carrier at the next pickup, but we cannot force them to sign for the package to prove pickup. 

Prepaid returns for Amazon, don't let their procss cause you hassles. We can help, QR code packages are only acceptable at a UPS store, you can cancel that code and create a new return label. Print the label and bring it in, or email it us and we will print it for you for a nominal charge of $2.00