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DHL Express is a division of Deutsche Post DHL, a German company. The company specializes in international express mail. DHL is the global market leader of the international air express industry, operating in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide, and is renowned for making the fastest deliveries abroad to countries like India and Pakistan.

Parcel Room is happy to offer a variety of DHL services. These services are limited by the dimensions and weight of packages.

Fill out a shipping form ahead of time and bring it with you for faster service

Parcel Room guarantees the arrival time of all packages shipped by air transport.

Unfortunately, Parcel Room cannot guarantee the arrival time of packages delayed by customs clearance issues, weather or weather-related delays, or by posted service alerts. Contact us directly for quotes for international shipments.


Every shipment sent via DHL is governed by service standards, set according to the origin and destination. A shipment delivered to Hong Kong from Paris, for example, has a delivery service standard of 24 hours. DHL operates in some of the most remote parts of the world, so pick-ups from and deliveries to these places may take longer than expected or estimated.

Worldwide Document Express:

Worldwide Document Express sets the standard for speed, convenience and unrivaled reliability. Use it for express international door-to-door delivery of non-declarable items such as documents, invoices, contracts and reports. As non-declarable items can vary from country to country, if you are unsure, please contact your local customer services department for assistance.

If you use DHL to send urgent lightweight documents on an ad hoc basis, DHL’s Express Documents service is the ideal solution. As long as the documents weigh no more than 250g, the Express Documents service offers you an attractive alternative with a favourable fixed-rate tariff.

DHL Worldwide Parcel Express ® (WPX) (TM):

Worldwide Parcel Express, or WPX, offers fast and reliable door-to-door delivery of customs declarable shipments. Customs declarable goods are subject to customs clearance and may be liable for payment of duty at the destination country. Please contact your local customer services department for assistance.

Worldwide Parcel Express is ideal for sending items such as samples, spares parts and finished products. A Commercial invoice must accompany WPX shipments so, if you haven’t prepared one, please contact your local customer services department should you need help with completing it.

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