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Package Receiving

Do you hate missing important deliveries?

If you are away at work all day, plan on vacationing soon, or have difficulty receiving deliveries at your home, you may want to sign up for package receiving. We will accept and hold your incoming packages and keep them secure until you are ready to pick them up. When your packages arrive, we will notify you by phone or email. 

Customers requesting forwarding of their packages are solely responsible for the reporting and payment to the proper authorities of any sales tax that may be due on purchases.

Kinek is a package receiving service specific for Canadian residents to pick up deliveries in the US.  We provide this as part of our Package Receiving service.

In order for Parcel Room to receive your packages, they must be addressed as follows:


c/o Parcel Room HOLD FOR PICK UP
1465 Woodbury Ave
Portsmouth NH 03801


If a package arrives without the address above it will be returned to the carrier.


Please alert us via email or phone when you are expecting to receive a package through Parcel Room.


When picking up a package, you must provide a valid photo ID matching the name on the package. We will not release a package to any person other than to whom the package is addressed. Unless you rent a mailbox with Parcel Room, we cannot accept USPS mail or packages. We can accept all private carriers, including UPS and FedEx, without prior registration.


Most packages are accepted for a fee. Larger packages or deliveries may require an assessment of additional charges.

Small package receiving is included with a Private Mailbox rental, along with free e-mail notification.

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