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Package Receiving

Say Goodbye to Missed Deliveries - Elevate Your Package Experience!

We'll gladly accept and securely hold your incoming packages until you're ready to pick them up. Whether you're at work, on vacation, or simply unable to receive deliveries at home, we've got you covered.


As soon as your packages arrive, we'll notify you promptly via phone or email. This way, you'll always be in the loop about your incoming deliveries.


It's that simple! With our Package Receiving service, you gain peace of mind knowing that your packages are safe and sound until you're ready to collect them.

In order for Parcel Room to receive your packages, they must be addressed as follows:


c/o Parcel Room HOLD FOR PICK UP
1 Brickyard Square, Suite 14

Epping, NH 03042


Address on Packages: Please be aware that if a package arrives without the correct address, it will be promptly returned to the carrier. To avoid any inconvenience, always double-check that the accurate address is provided when ordering items to be delivered to Parcel Room.


Notification of Expected Packages: Kindly inform us via email or phone when you are anticipating the delivery of a package through Parcel Room. This allows us to prepare for its arrival and ensures a swift and organized pickup process.


Package Pickup Requirements: When collecting a package, it is mandatory to present a valid photo ID matching the name on the package. For security reasons, we will only release packages to the individuals they are addressed to. This measure helps protect your privacy and ensures the safe delivery of your items.


Mailbox Rental and USPS Deliveries: If you rent a mailbox with Parcel Room, you can enjoy the convenience of receiving small packages at no additional cost, along with complimentary email notifications. However, please note that unless you have a rented mailbox with us, we cannot accept USPS mail or packages. We gladly accept deliveries from private carriers such as DHL, FedEx and UPS without prior registration.


Package Fees: Please be aware that most packages are accepted for a fee. Larger packages or deliveries may incur additional charges, and these will be assessed accordingly. The revised per-package fees are as follows:

  • Small: $10.00

  • Medium: $15.00

  • Large: $20.00

  • Extra-large: Charges will be assessed individually per package


Storage Fees: To streamline our services and optimize our facility, we will be charging storage fees for packages that remain in our possession 7 calendar days from the date of arrival. The weekly storage rates per package are as follows:

  • Small: $5.00

  • Medium: $7.00

  • Large: $10.00

  • Extra-large: Charges will be assessed individually per package

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