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Custom Boxes

For more unique shipments, Parcel Room can custom make cardboard boxes, pads,  and wooden crates.


We make custom packages virtually in any size and any quantity. Whether you need one or one thousand, we can produce them in a timely manner. We are currently making boxes for customers all around the country. Making custom-sized boxes allows us to offer our customers reduced shipping rates by minimizing the dimensional weight of their parcels.

With our machine it’s quick and easy to construct cartons. For larger orders we ask for more time. You can contact us and submit orders via phone, fax, or the preferred method, via email.

In order to determine the necessary size of your custom box, measure the contents and list the box dimensions as Length (L) x Width (W) x Depth (D). We always interpret the given dimensions as the interior of the box. The material we use adds 1/2″ to each dimension, so if you need your box to finish at a specific size please make sure you tell us.


Using different types of corrugated cardboard, we can create boxes which can hold up to 120 lbs. If your shipment is heavier than this, consider ordering a crate.

When regular packaging just won’t do we also offer custom crating. Crating can be an option for items that cannot be packaged within corrugated cartons safely. Crates can be made on site or at our office for large and small items. There are additional charges for on-site building and crating.

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