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Notary Public

At Parcel Room most of our staff are fully authorized New Hampshire  Notary Publics. There is at least one Notary Public on duty during all weekday business hours – at times we have up to six Notaries on duty!

Because Notary services can occasionally require some time, we highly recommend that you arrive no later than an hour prior to the day’s closing time. As Notary Publics we cannot supply you with forms nor advise on which forms you can use. All documents must have the proper Notarial wording in order to be Notarized. Because Notary Publics are not licensed lawyers, we cannot advise on any language within a document. Anyone signing is required to bring with them one piece of government issued picture ID that is current and valid.

Please call ahead to confirm if a Notary will be available during Saturday hours.

In some cases having a Notary travel to a signing is possible. Please contact us to see if an appointment can be made to suit your needs.



    • Acknowledgements


    • Oaths and Affirmations


    • Jurats


    • Depositions


    • Copy Certifications


    • Witnessing or Attesting Signatures


  • Protests



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Parcel Room in Portsmouth NH is now trained and able to complete I9 Verification Services.

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