Why rent a Private Mailbox at Parcel Room?
It’s safe! While you are at work during the day or traveling, we can receive your mail and packages for pick-up or forwarding. You will receive a free notification via email when you have a package ready for pick-up.


Having a street address means you can receive packages from any carrier.


For and additional $1 a month you can pick up your mail at any time.


Small, Medium, or Large; we have mailboxes to fit all needs.

Why rent a mailbox at Parcel Room?

Unlike a P.O. Box, mailboxes at Parcel Room have a physical street address. For example:

John Doe
1465 Woodbury Ave PMB XXX
Portsmouth, NH 03801-3246


Parcel Room can receive packages from all carriers, including FedEx, USPS, UPS and DHL. With a PO Box at a Post Office you are limited to only receiving mail items via USPS.

Parcel Room offers mailbox rentals in Monthly, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month periods. Mailboxes must be opened for a minimum of 3 months. There is a $15.00 opening set up fee (waived if you open for one year). Once opened we do not offer any refunds if you close or cancel early.

Get 1 FREE additional month with a 6-month rental.
Get 2 FREE additional months with a 12-month rental.

We guarantee your privacy. You can always email or call and inquire if you have mail, but we CANNOT tell you what the mail is or who it is from. This is for your protection.

Customers requesting forwarding of their mail and packages are solely responsible for the reporting and payment to the proper authorities of any sales tax that may be due on purchases.

Have questions? See our Mailbox FAQ.




3 Months


6 Months







3 Months


6 Months







3 Months


6 Months




Additional Services

You've Got Mail - $10.00 a month

Always know when you receive mail! Get an automatic e-mail notification every time you receive mail! This service is ideal for those who use their box as a business address and receive very little mail.

24 Hour Access - $1.00 a month

Access your mailbox at any time of day or night. Our 24 hour access key allows you into the mailbox lobby so that you can access your mail even when we are closed. Packages will not be available for pickup when the store is closed.

Basic Digital add-on - $10.00 a month

We will scan the outside of each piece of mail and make it available for you to see who the mail is from before you come done to pickup.

Premium Digital add-on - $15.00 a month

We open and scan all the mail that arrives for your mailbox, it is scanned into a folder that you can have access to online. You can then not only know who sent you mail, but you know what they sent you.

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