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Shredding Services

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By using our shredding services, you can rest assured that no one will ever know your business. We will provide you with the security of knowing that your confidential materials are destroyed completely. Our state-of-the-art, ultra modern mobile shredders, will pulverize your confidential information, rendering it unreadable. We provide Certificates of Destruction after all shredding to prove that your documents have been responsibly managed.Parcel Room’s document destruction services were developed with a bonded and licensed professional company. Our set up is specifically designed to deal with the privacy and confidentiality requirements of individuals and organizations.

For Businesses: Law requires that all confidential information no longer in use be destroyed. Our proven, uncompromising document destruction standards make sure your documents are destroyed in compliance with the federal and local legislation that applies to your business and to your industry. Our partner’s in-truck shredders are incredibly powerful, turning even clipboards and cardboard into fine confetti that cannot possibly be reconstructed.

We can conduct mass document shredding on-site at your business for your convenience.Our shredding services can offer your business massive savings. One $40,000/yr employee with benefits, spending 10 minutes each day shredding, costs your business $1,200/yr in labor costs alone. In addition, are the costs associated with the maintenance of your in-office shredding equipment. We can save you based on these combined expenses.For Residential: You can choose between, dropping off your shredding, or adding a pickup fee to the shredding costs, once weighed we place your documents in the locked bins until the shredder arrives (weekly) usually Weds AM.For Everyone: With identity theft now being the fastest growing crime in the USA*, any document that deals with personal information that could harm your business or an individual, should be destroyed.Examples of these types of documents can be seen every day throughout the workplace:Correspondence Medical Records Legal Briefs Accounts Payable/Receivable Credit Reports Insurance Forms Payroll Records Patient Information Sales Records X-Rays Invoices Engineering Documents Engineering Drawings Classified Information Client Records Banking Applications Business Reports Financial Information Student Records Personnel Records
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