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Dec 2018

As of Jan 1st 2019 the DOT/Pipeline Security / IATA have changed how we handle and accept Lithium batteries. Our staff is training now on the new changes and how they will affect our shipments. Most people are not aware of these subtle but very specific changes in the rules/ laws of safe shipping. They can and will cause confusion and delay the shipments tendered if the labeling is not correct. As with most laws and regulations ignorance is no excuse, they will refuse and return shipments that are not labelled correctly. They can and will penalize shippers for not handling the lithium batteries correctly. Please understand that when our staff explains these rules to you, that we are doing it for the safety of the system. We do it to protect you, and us from fines and penalties. You are the shipper, and you must be aware of the laws and regulations. The new regulations have been updated to help protect the people handling the packages, too many fires have been started by Lithium batteries. We all have to do our part to help keep them safe. An example of the old and new labels. Keep in mind that when you received the shipment it was probably done legally with the old "mark" (the battery sticker is called a mark). New rules call for new labels so just because it "came to you this way" it doesn't mean it is legal to send it back that way. We work very hard at staying current with regulations, please understand we do this to protect all those involved in the handling of your shipments. Thank you Jeff Ballantyne President Parcel Room

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