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Aug 2018

Are you looking to be more green? Did you know that Parcel Room recycles clean Styrofoam for packing materials? Clean Styrofoam is broken down into small rectangles and repurposed as packing peanuts. Unlike regular packing peanuts, these do not...

Aug 2018
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It’s been a long three years without him, but Charlie has returned to Parcel Room! Charlie was “making it go away” for over 15 years as a member of the Parcel Room team before his brief move to the...

Sep 2017
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USPS HAZMAT Awareness Program  New Lithium Battery Mailing Standards   The frequency in which lithium batteries are shipped continues to increase in both in the mail and through other commercial transportation providers.  With this increased volume, the Postal Service,...

Nov 2016
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1. New boxes are the best, used corrugated boxes can lose 60% of their strength in one use. 2. If you want to reuse a carton, make sure the carton is fully intact, no holes, tears and has not...

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