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Apr 2019

You may have heard about our mailbox rental service – it’s a convenient way to receive both mail and packages. But what exactly is a Private Mailbox? And how is it...

Beginning January 1st 2019 there will be new rules and regulations regarding the shipping of Lithium Batteries. As you may know, there has been many issues caused by Lithium batteries in transit. Everything from phones catching fire to laptops...

Oct 2018
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What’s in your package? Shipping hazardous materials can be tricky, and its not always obvious what is and isn’t considered a dangerous good. As the holidays get closer we try to bring to everyone’s attention the dangers of some...

Sep 2018

Gone are the simple days when all the small package carriers’ charges were only based on weight. Now, it is a complicated algorithm that takes a number of factors into account.   Perhaps the most complicated change is the...

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