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Nov 2016
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1. New boxes are the best, used corrugated boxes can lose 60% of their strength in one use. 2. If you want to reuse a carton, make sure the carton is fully intact, no holes, tears and has not...

Nov 2016
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The staff of Parcel Room have arrived here coming from all kinds of different jobs and industries. The owner Jeff Ballantyne bought the family store from David & Nancy Ballantyne in 1991. Jeff came to Parcel Room from the...

Feb 2016

Our Weekend in New Hampshire AMBC’s November 2015 weekend “Work”shop at Jeff Ballantyne’s Parcel Room in Portsmouth, NH By Marty Johnson   Is there anything quite so beautiful as autumn in New England? Early November was the perfect time to hold our latest AMBC “Work”shop weekend....

Jun 2015

Lithium Ion batteries, they make the world we live in go round. They also can cause fires, plane crashes and disasters if mishandled or overheated. We all use lithium batteries in our day to day lives, from laptops, to...

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