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laptop battery Lithium Ion batteries, they make the world we live in go round. They also can cause fires, plane crashes and disasters if mishandled or overheated. We all use lithium batteries in our day to day lives, from laptops, to cell phones even tiny little hearing aid batteries can be lithium. The FAA and DOT regulate batteries when being shipped. The carriers take the laws and make their rules that we have to follow. The carriers needing to comply with Federal law make their rules to conform with Federal law. We as shippers (you too if you ever ship anything) must follow the carriers rules and the Federal laws. When you ship with us we ask what the contents are. We do this to rule out what you are not permitted to ship. Batteries are one the items that are regulated. When you come into Parcel Room, (should be anywhere you ship) we will ask you about the size of the batteries. We (you) are permitted to ship certain sizes of batteries without a license. We (you) must know the size of the battery being shipped, if it isn't known we must open the package and find out. If we can't find out, we can't ship. We cannot risk that the battery is larger than we (you) can ship without a license. In most cases laptop batteries are either extended life or not, the extended life batteries (lasting 6-12 hrs) are the ones we have to check to be sure. A battery has (should have) labeling that explains the rating, size/strength. Batteries shipped at our location cannot exceed 100 Wh (Watt Hours) or 10,000 MAH (milliampere-hour) Please understand that we do not enjoy unpacking a laptop inspecting the battery, repacking it and sealing the carton up again and we do this at no charge. We do this because we have to, we do this to protect ourselves and you from shipping a battery that exceed our permitted limits. To knowingly exceed these limits we could lose out license to ship, we could face fines and possible jail time. If you ship a battery without declaring it, or intentionally not admit its presence then you could face fines and possible jail time. So please understand when we ask the strength of the battery we are doing so in everyone's best interests. Thank you Jeff Ballantyne Parcel Room Portsmouth NH battery laptop battery regular batteries

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